Ready to make a change?

At Willis Fitness Personal Training is exactly that – it’s PERSONAL

There are 3 routes you can take in order to become part of
Team Willis Fitness PT Team:

  • 1. In person Personal/Small Group Training
  • 2. Online Training
  • 3. OR hybrid model of them both

The sessions will also be bespoke to you and designed around your personal goals, taking into account your current abilities, likes and dislikes with a focus on functional fitness. At the heart of all sessions is education around the main lifts including squats, pressing and dead lifting along with being able to gain superb control over your own bodyweight.


When will I see results?

We recommend a minimum of 3 months on any package in order for a training and nutrition routine to be given optimal time in which to take effect, this will rely heavily on your own accountability to the number of sessions you wish to commit to each week.

Willis Fitness will provide you the tools which you can take forwards for years and support you with the application of these tools in order to achieve YOUR results but remember change takes action.


What services do we offer?


Personal Training Programme

Training programmes designed for you around your goals

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Personal Nutritional support

Support in understanding calories and giving you back control over your diet

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Private Facebook Community

Infinite Potential Community - providing education and accountability

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Contact Via WhatsApp

Monitoring your progress and keeping you up-to-date (Video feedback *hybrid)

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Educational E Books

Handy guides on training information at your finger tips

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Recipe Guides

Helping you in the kitchen to get your meals prepped

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PT Packages start from £140pm please complete the Contact Form to book your FREE consultation.
*Online PT starts from £60pm*